New Cuyama, CA

Blue Sky Center is located in New Cuyama, CA which is roughly 2.5 hours Northeast of LA. There are 5 tents total with only one tent that has two beds. This is about as rustic as it gets for desert glamping as the tents are canvas, so there is no insulation to protect you from the elements. However, you are able to keep warm with a space heater, heated mattress topper (don’t forget to plug this in) & of course, a campfire. The tents also have electricity. Additional features to the property are both an indoor and outdoor shower. There is also a community kitchen for which you must bring your own supplies. I highly suggest bringing as much food as possible because the town of New Cuyama is literally 2 city blocks. If you’re coming to Blue Sky Center, you should be coming to disconnect & have your own little retreat. To be completely honest, there isn’t much to do in the area, if anything at all really. The best part of town is this incredible hotel called the Cuyama Buckhorn. My friend & I didn’t stay there but we got a tour of the grounds. It is entirely newly remodeled into a western desert dream. There is a pool opening summer of 2021, an turf area for outdoor movies, a long dining table for 50 people, fire pits, a restaurant, coffee shop & saloon. The kitchen hours are limited due to Covid, but they stay open later for guests. I would definitely check them out if roughing it isn’t really your thing.

Last but not least, both Blue Sky & Buckhorn are pet friendly. So feel free to bring along your furry companions. Cheers!

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