Cheers to Being Authentic

Some of you have noticed that I have changed the content of my posts. I am being more honest, vulnerable & my authentic self. I originally started my page as a way to share the details of my outfits. Keeping my comments to where I bought my jeans & how much I love to shop & drink coffee. Which is still a good portion of what I enjoy sharing with people. I reflected on my website & my feed & simply didn’t feel like myself. I want my authentic personality to be reflected in what I post.

Social media can give me a lot of anxiety. I look at other people in happy relationships & feel lonely. I look at women with perfect skin & feel envy. I look at people partying & feel insecure about having a drinking limit of one beer ( I get hungover off of two beers). I look at what others have & see gaps of what I am missing in my own life. When I catch myself feeling this way, as silly as it sounds, I move my Instagram app to the back page of my phone. Or I turn my notifications off so I can stop the addictive cycle of scrolling myself into a dark hole of self doubt.

Take a deep breath.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am in a stage of evolving. I am in a stage of healing. Which doesn’t always feel good. I am learning to love myself unconditionally.

So thank you to those of you who have directly messaged me & supported my vulnerability. I simply want people to know that I am human. I am not perfect & don’t want to pretend to be. Cheers to being an authentic hot mess with good hair.


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