Works Out for Tacos

For a while now I have wanted to talk about my fitness “lifestyle”. I say “lifestyle” because I’m not the person who does meal prep or takes shots of pre workout. I workout for my mental health. It makes me feel confident, accomplished & well, sane. I need the endorphin rush I used to get from playing basketball. I started playing basketball in middle school and all the way up through college. So my workouts had been weights, practice & training in the offseason. Since finishing my career, I have moved into coaching & trying different styles of workouts. I mainly do group fitness to hold myself accountable. If I go to the gym & try to put myself through a workout, that will last a total of 12 minutes with 4 minutes worth of water breaks. This past year I have challenged myself to try new things. I met the owner of The Bar Method through work & had been skeptical of bar classes. I thought bar was for ballet dancers & not former basketball players. My first Bar Method class was, to be honest, embarrassing. I can’t touch my toes while my leg is up on the bar. Feels like I’m about to pull a hammy. Oh & the shaking, like okay, I was convulsing. Pulsing on your tip toes while holding a ball between your thighs & looking up at the ceiling thinking “why does an 8 count feel like an 800 count?! Maybe I can go for a water break come back when this part is over”. Needless to say, the class worked all the tiny muscles I never knew existed. This is when I realized that I had been doing the same workouts for years without actually making any progress. I’ll be honest, my goal has always and forever been “workout so you can eat all the tacos”. I don’t want a 6 pack abs, I want a basket of tator tots & a cold beer. I am nowhere near a fitness expert. I just do what feels good for my body & my mind.

So cheers to you wherever you are on your fitness journey. Be proud of yourself, even if it is a 12 minute workout with a 4 minute water break. Your body is yours. Your workout is what you want it to be. My unwarranted advice is to set realistic & progressive goals. And when you think you know it all, humble yourself with a Bar Method class. It is one of the most challenging & rewarding workouts I have accomplished.





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