Discovering Yoga

Until recently, I have been resistant to yoga. Being that I played college basketball, my workouts have been high intensity. I hardly stretched before practices & games, leaving my muscles tight & prone to injury. So the thought of being in a dark room & focusing on my breathing while doing poses with odd names never seemed appealing to me. One day I was talking to a friend about weekend plans & I had nothing special going on. They suggested I try something new, which led me to give yoga a try. The difference between going to my typical workout (cycle or weights) was my mentality. I decided to go in with the mindset that I was there to feel more centered & connected with myself. I knew there would be some physical challenges, along with not knowing many of the poses, but I didn’t expect to leave covered in sweat. Within minutes the instructor asked the class to shut out any outside distractions, listen & feel the beat of our hearts. I was overcome with emotion & began to cry (silently). I had never experienced so much emotion & it felt very therapeutic. As we flowed through class I challenged myself to focus on the movements, but not get frustrated when I struggled. I have since tried different instructors and types of yoga, and I cry every class. I also cry at commercials with basically any dog in them, so there’s that. I’m still not able to touch my toes & can’t quite get my heels to the floor in downward dog, but hey, I am trying something new! – Namaste


(Pictured outfit by Strut This)

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